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We are building a liquid MRI for the brain 


Neurofilament-light (Nf-L), GFAP, S100b, UCH-L1, tTau, pTau 181, pTau 217...

The first point of care platform for Neurology

Implement multi-biomarker guided disease management strategies in the clinic or patient's home.

Multiplexed  Cartridges

Up to 6 biomarkers per cartridge

Wide Assay Menu

Supports Immunoassays, Enzymatic assays and Nucleic acid detection

Mobile & Cloud Connected

Leave your ancient point-of-care solution behind. No wires or cables. Just connected 24x7

Fingerprick Whole Blood

15 µL of blood. That is all we need

 To realise a bold new vision for Neurology care


We are off the ground, running !


Analytes validated


Patents Filed


Addressable Market


Diseases in Neurology



Are you looking for a home biomarker solution for your clinical studies ?

Stata DX can implement a wide range of biomarkers for use in clinical studies.

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