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We are building a liquid MRI for the brain 


Neurofilament-light (Nf-L), GFAP, S100b, UCH-L1, tTau, pTau 181, pTau 217...

The first point of care platform for Neurology


Implement multi-biomarker guided disease management strategies in the clinic or patient's home.

Multiplexed  Cartridges

Up to 10 analytes per cartridge

Wide Assay Menu

Supports Immunoassays, Enzymatic assays and Nucleic acid detection

Mobile & Cloud Connected

Leave your ancient point-of-care solution behind. No wires or cables. Just connected 24x7

Fingerprick Whole Blood

15 µL of blood. That is all we need


Invented at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering


Stata DX is based on the eRapid technology developed at Harvard's Wyss Institute.


eRapid is a low-cost, affinity-based electrochemical sensing platform that can simultaneously detect a broad range of biomarkers with high sensitivity and selectivity in complex biological fluids, using as little as a single drop of blood.


It features a novel, antifouling nano-composite coating to which probes are attached that are specific to the target biomarker. When the target binds to the probe, it attracts a second probe to create a “sandwich” that triggers the formation of a local precipitate on the coated electrode surface that is electrically active. The magnitude of the electrical signal generated correlates with the concentration of the target detected in the sample, and because the precipitate forms locally, many different biomarkers can be tested in parallel on the same sample.

We are off the ground, running !


Analytes validated


Patents Filed


Addressable Market


Diseases in Neurology



Are you looking for a home biomarker solution for your clinical studies ?

Stata DX can implement a wide range of biomarkers for use in clinical studies.

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